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For back-up

I love to see their expression.
Especially Bruce's anger:>


Is anybody here?
I wonder about you:) 

Hurts tongue

마음이 갑갑..

the Joker

Not in just TDK
He's an intersting character.


What should I do?
All I could do just let me crying. 



I had replied.

I've never think I have talented..It's too poor.
But I love drawing picture and enjoy it.
I'm going to do this forever!

I think I'm destined to drawing until I fall..haha!
From my bottom of heart:)

It's sample:)

A5sized(A4 sized paper folded),  8p
Two books are same form.

Batsy in the wonderland

Addicted to the joker!
rating: M(probably..:$) contented Bruce/Joker paring, crossdressing


(some sort of) Treatment


The Joker's tongue is hurts and Bruce get work cures with all his effort(?)
Oh oh.. but the Joker added to hurt on his neck:D